“We believe everyone should dare to create.

We think fragrance should be fun and personal and that no two scents should smell the same.

We want perfumes to be as unique as you are.”

Feeling is a contemporary fragrance house based out of Oman that focuses on offering progressive perfumery trends to its customers. We invite you to explore the beautiful world of perfumery with our range of 24 fragrances that will allow you to choose the scent that suits you at any given moment.

At Feeling Perfume, we proudly admire our Oman heritage and our one and only goal is to represent it to the world in the best way it should be. For us we do that through our product offerings; every fragrance carries a piece of culture, heritage and traditions of the Sultanate of Oman.

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team member


Our goal has always been simple: “Make people happy”. You’ll never walk out of our perfume bar without feeling certain of your choice.


Our vision at Feeling is to revolutionize the artistic experience of creating, enjoying and wearing fragrance. We believe everyone is unique and should be able to create a fragrance that embodies their unique personality.


Find a fragrance that tells your story

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